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This page offers a general summary of the kinds of issues that Schemathesis can help you spot in your API. The information is geared towards those who make decisions, to give a broad view of how can contribute to a more secure and reliable API.

🔒 Security

Assessment of potential data safety vulnerabilities.

  • Unauthenticated Access: Comprehensive evaluation of endpoint security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

💥 Server Reliability

Systematic identification of server errors to maintain a consistent level of service.

  • Input Validation: Identification of errors in data inputs that may cause service interruptions.

📋 Response Conformance

Conformity analysis between actual API responses and pre-defined specifications.

  • Response Structure: Detailed examination of the response structure to ensure compliance with established standards.
  • Documentation: Review of the completeness and accuracy of API documentation to facilitate seamless client interactions.

🚀 Performance

Analysis of elements that could improve the speed and efficiency of your API.

  • Oversize: Evaluation of response sizes that may be contributing to server load.
  • Inefficient Algorithm: Discovery of inefficient algorithms that could be optimized to prevent delays and timeouts.