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Self-Hosted vs Managed Testing

We offer two testing modes to meet your needs: Self-Hosted, a free, open-source solution running on your hardware, and Managed, a subscription-based solution on our hardware, available soon.


  • Self-Hosted: Open-source, with the ability for users to contribute and utilize community-created extensions.
  • Managed: Coming Soon! Subscription-based, with expert customizations, automated configuration maintenance, and advanced insights. Sign up for notifications!
CustomizationCommunity-created extensionsExpert customizations by our team
FeaturesStandard features, expandable with community contributionsRegularly updated and optimized advanced features
Integration EaseMinutesMinutes
Reporting and VisualizationBasic with options for service visualizationEnhanced visualization
MaintenanceUser-managed test configurationsAutomated and continually optimized configurations
Documentation and SupportCommunity-supported documentationPremium support and extensive documentation


  • More detailed documentation and feature considerations are underway!
  • The Self-Hosted version is available now!